Saturday, June 26, 2010

Front fork problem

I pulled the front end apart since all the rubber bushings were shot (handlebar eyelets and headlight mounts). I also wanted to add some gaitors to the forks. Well I have no idea if these were assembled correctly to begin with but the one spring is way high

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Triumph preunit engine project

Just what I need, another project! I just couldn't resist this 650 TR6 Triumph engine. I just need a gear box and a couple covers and she's complete and ready to drop into a Featherbed frmae... or a triumph rigid frame.... or something.......
As you can see below the timing case has a few broken bits. I could possibly have a machinist fix this...
...and this, although I am keeping my ebay-eyes open for a replacement.
Still not sure of the year. Any input?

White Smoke, Oil Leak and a broken down Beeza....

Well bad news for the Bleeding Beeza. I fired her up this morning and as I rode down the street I noticed a massive cloud of white smoke trailing behind me. I made it to my other garage (just a block and a half away) and this is what I saw:
Yuck, look at that sludge....
Looks like a hole in the inner timing case. I just can't wait to open her up and see what did that little number.... Oh well, I've been meaning to overhaul this motor from the bottom up anyway. I just hope I can get the Bonnie finished VERY soon.