Friday, March 26, 2010

Installed the Boyer Electronic Ignition

After messing with the points and unsuccessfully trying to time each side , I decided to take the advice of many, MANY other vintage bike owners and ditch the archaic Lucas ignition and go with an updated electronic ignition. This means easier timing, more accurate firing, easier starting, more reliable bike etc....

Step one was to study the wiring diagram. No condensers needed, and the 12 volt parallel-wired coils need to be 2 6 volt coils wired in series.

Condensors will go in the box of stuff I'll keep for who knows what reason.

Next, find the timing position of the cam with this little tool that fits through an aperture through the front of the engine casing. Basically I pushed that pin lightly into the engine, up against the cam inside and turned the motor with the kickstart until the pin finds the timing notch. This locks the engine in the right firing place, so that when installing the ignition, you install it where the ingition actually needs to come on.

The doomed lucas points system.

this comes off with two screws.

Underneath are the governor weights and the auto advance mechanism. This is the old way the engine "corrected" timing issues when the engine goes from idle to full throttle. These also are getting yanked. At this point I realized that I was missing a special tool needed for extraction. Its similar to a flywheel extractor. I decided I could come up with something that would work...

...and I did. I cut a small, thiner length of screw to insert into the spot where the idler pinion was.
Than I screwed a bolt in on top of it. This pushed the smaller loose bolt up against the inner timing cover

Like this.


Next I inserted the new fly wheel and loosely bolted it in place.

The ignition plate goes over the flywheel. Then the magnet on the flywheel gets moved to line up with the timing hole in the ignition plate.

In place, tightened up and wired.

I still need to clean up the wiring here, but I kick started the bike, and my conversion works! VRRROOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!

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