Sunday, June 5, 2011

1958 BSA b33 tins stripped and sent off for paint

I finally collected ALL the correct trim for the B33. Front and rear fenders, new tool box and oil tank, Nacelle etc... I stripped them all and sent them off to my friend Brent Combs, who will do his magic with banging out the dents and laying down the paint. All the brackets will be powder coated in my shop and the bike will get a thorough cleaning and polishing before rewiring. I hope to have this on the road sometime this summer!
BSA B33 bits getting a chemical peel.
paint-less, ready for bead blasting

Rear fender. Correct front fender came last week and is already stripped .

51 Triumph Bobber coming together

Now that I've moved a few bikes out of the shop, I finally have time to get tom my 51 speed twin. A quick mock up shows a few issues I'll have to deal with. Pillion pad a little high, saddle a little low etc... Once together, I'll ride it, tune it, work out the kinks - then tear it down this winter for boring, valves, pro paint job etc....
1951 Triumph Speed Twin Bobber