Sunday, October 17, 2010

Timing is set. Rode bike for the first time in 5 months!!

It still leaks like a sieve, but I'll address that later. Just need the new levers and I can pull those big switches off the handlebars for a minimalist look. There will be a small switch to kill the motor and switch from low to high beam. when I wire that up, I'll also pull the rocker cover off and try to seal it up better, then mount the gas tank with new rubber and mounting bolt. Hopefully that will be the end of the major overhauls for this bike - for now.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

BSA wired to run!

After a short somewhere in the old harness melted the wires together, I decided to start from scratch using mini sealed 6v batteries wired in series to eliminate the bulky 12v battery. This allowed me to tuck everything neatly under the seat on a wiring platform ala cafe racer style. I rerouted all the wires to run behind the frame so they're out of sight. The bike runs now, but I haven't wired the headlight or stop light yet, that's next. First I need to sort out the timing.

I picked up a couple of shop chotchkies at a local garage sale for a buck. Old Americana eagle painting, and a beat up framed Marlon Brando poster from the Wild One. Nice, my garage is gaining soul!

I also took the Triumph for a fall race through the back roads of west Chester with my buddy Justin (who just finished up his 1974 CB450f cafe racer. More on that bike soon.
I hit a few bugs along the way. Always a good sign of a fast ride...

Monday, October 11, 2010

under the seat wiring board

I cut out this 1/4" pice of plywood to fit directly under the seat of the BSA. The metal brackets will bolt directly to where the battery box used to go. The slim, sealed battery will sit on top along with the Boyer ignition box. The coils will be mounted horizontally to the bottom along with the Boyer power box allowing them to be air cooled. The whole thing will eliminate the need for the ugly OIF side covers that came with this bike. I will have this done in the next day or so. Check back soon!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

BSA has new wiring and runs again!

I mocked up a new wiring system that eliminates all the unnecessary features I don't use (blinkers etc...) which will allow me to tuck everything under the seat cafe racer style. The timing needs adjustment, but she starts right up! I just need to make a platform to fit where the battery box used to hang to mount everything.

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