Saturday, September 18, 2010

BSA ready to reassemble

I bead blasted the rust and what little paint was left on the triple trees. I then hit them with two coats of diamond clear satin finish. They are hanging in the shop overnight to cure. I rebuild the front forks with new seals. The timing cover is all sorted out and ready to go back together. Just need to spend an hour to put it all together, and maybe another half hour of adjusting/timing and I'm all set.

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Location:West Chester,United States


  1. Hi Matt,

    Every time, i really enjoy your blog...

    Humm, i have a question, i working right now on a Honda Cb 125 twin, kind of what you did with yours.

    All electric is on 6V, how did you do when you change lights and indicators, as i can see on pictures you changed for smaller model ?

    thanks by advance,

    from france


  2. All my bikes are 12v and I pulled all the indicators off anyway. There are kits to convert 6v to 12v which will require new coils and rectifier (though some kits include eveything you need). They make small led indicators which should hook right up. If you find that they blink faster than the stock lights then you'll need to put some kind of regulator on them, again, some led kits come with this. Check out the Honda twin board for some guys who really know more about this:

    Thanks for checking out my blog. Good luck!

  3. Hey Matt, some cool work you're doing there bro'
    Nice find on the early B31 stuff. Give me a shout if you need anything sourced from over here in Blighty.