Saturday, October 16, 2010

BSA wired to run!

After a short somewhere in the old harness melted the wires together, I decided to start from scratch using mini sealed 6v batteries wired in series to eliminate the bulky 12v battery. This allowed me to tuck everything neatly under the seat on a wiring platform ala cafe racer style. I rerouted all the wires to run behind the frame so they're out of sight. The bike runs now, but I haven't wired the headlight or stop light yet, that's next. First I need to sort out the timing.

I picked up a couple of shop chotchkies at a local garage sale for a buck. Old Americana eagle painting, and a beat up framed Marlon Brando poster from the Wild One. Nice, my garage is gaining soul!

I also took the Triumph for a fall race through the back roads of west Chester with my buddy Justin (who just finished up his 1974 CB450f cafe racer. More on that bike soon.
I hit a few bugs along the way. Always a good sign of a fast ride...


  1. Man, why don't you ever ask me to go on rides?? My feelings are hurt. haha

  2. Lets go for a ride right now. or after the eagles game. Stop by the shop sometime, I'm usually out there after work, staring complacently at my overwhelming number of projects.

  3. Is anything affected by changing the bike from 12v to 6v?

  4. well, the two 6v batteries wired in series make 12v, but the battery is only there to boost the spark when kick starting. They're probably too small in amperage to run indicators or headlights without the motor running.