Friday, January 14, 2011

Timing gears lined up, oil lines hooked up. slight snag.

One step forward, two steps back. I hooked up the oil lines and with oil in the reservoir, I kicked it over hoping to see oil entering the rocker boxes. Nothing. I'm worried that because the guy who owned this bike prior to me, powder coated the oil feeds to the rocker boxes and they may not be lining up properly.

Snag number two: It appears that the Gear box cover is from an early 60's unit and has no oil plug. Where does the oil for the gears go? Plus the bottom gearbox cover screw wont go in. It's also missing the dowel that lines it up on the inside. that is probably the reason it won't go together. My dilemma  is since the covers were all chromed (poorly) do I buy a later gearbox cover and chrome it? At that point I'd probably want to re-chrome the  others since their already pealing. Remind me to never buy someones halfway finished projects ever again...

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