Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Robert "Snuffy" Smith's custom racer aka My dad's Triton

For nearly 20 years my father had been collecting triumph and Norton motorcycle bits and pieces here and there to build the mother of all cafe-racers: the TRITON. Half Norton (Norton Featherbed Frame) and half Triumph (59 Pre Unit Triumph engine). His good friend and personal engineer, Don West had the bike in his shop and was putting the final touches on the engine when my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The bike was completed and auctioned off, but my dad (and I) never got a chance to see it.
After stumbling across these old photos from American Motorcyclist magazine, I started googling my dad to see what else I could find. I was shocked and disappointed to learn that his triton had been sold on ebay once again. Shocked that it was available and disappointed that I wasn't able to purchase it. I would have snatched that up in a heartbeat. However, I googled the bike and found some cool pictures of his custom racer. I was thrilled to see that the bike has been dedicated with a plaque honoring my father. I hope whoever has the bike keeps it the way it is and if it ever goes back on the market, I hope I get a chance to make an offer.

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