Saturday, February 20, 2010

Putting it all back together

Getting close to having the Beeza back together. I decided the paint on the foot pegs was beyond repair so I stripped the paint. The two posts that stabilize the pegs from twisting, had fallen off long ago. I bought a length of 1/4 steel rod and cut new ones. No need to worry about the pegs slipping out from under me now.

I'll probably hit these up with a little Cosmoline to prevent them from rusting.

When I purchased the bike, I noticed the gearshift lever was welded in place. I needed to get it off in order to get the timing cover off. However, there isn't much left for the new lever to grab onto. Not sure what I'm going to do about this yet. I don't feel like getting into the inner timing cover, or messing with the gear change mechanism. Maybe some shims will tighten the fit. As of right now, the shift lever isn't tight enough to get the bike in gear.

The rear brake is in place. I bead blasted the chain guard, but the section which holds the guard to the frame is broken, so I'll have to rig something up. I actually like the way the guards looks in bare metal. Maybe I'll do a plain metal finish.

Its starting to look like a ridable bike!

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