Monday, December 20, 2010

using the lathe to make longer fork bushings

This is for the speed twin. I want to compress the forks slightly to keep the frame angle the same with the new 21" front wheel as it was with a 19" front wheel. The lathe is old and i'm still learning how to use it, but this bushing has taken 8 hours to turn so far. It's almost done, but theres got to be a faster way.


  1. you may have figured this out by now, but you are doing the digging with a parting tool....a tool with a larger cutting surface and some eased edges will make much faster work of hogging out this much material. also a good amount of fluid will help keep things cool and prevent binding.

  2. yeah, it took forever. After going through the tools this came with I found the right one and did the second bushing in 1/2 hour. Would've been faster if my belt wasn't so shot. Replaced that now and just need to keep playing with it.