Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gathering parts for the 1960 T100a

Quickly gathering all the parts to get this sweet little ride together. Transmission arrived today. Picked up the bathtubs and front fender from a fine gent out west (who shipped them very fast). A huge thank you to Al Hartman who supplied me with a donor engine to salvage parts from and a SPARE FRAME! After comparing the two, I realized that my frames rear section was missing all the key tabs for the seat and bathtub. Fortunately I can swap the two rear sections and still have the correct numbers on my frame. I also made a very fair deal on a top nacelle (still need the legs) as well as some parts for my speed twin. Thanks for everything Al, I can't wait for our two T100's to meet! Triumph Come Home Rally 2012 will be all about bathtubs!

Bathtub, fender and donor crank case.

Forks on bench, spare frame, shiny wheels.

Nacelle and engine bottom and top ends.

Donor engine soaking in Parts Blaster, waiting for pinion puller.

Front fender. Box full of my dads old number plates. Viva 25.

Bathtub is for a 3ta, so sadly, the original paint will be stripped.

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