Monday, February 7, 2011

Pulled apart 1960 Triumph T100A project. Waiting on Bonnie Parts

Still waiting on a few parts for the Triumph, so I took some time to clean the shop. My neighbor, Woody, contributed his skills with carpentry to help make this sturdy work bench. Plenty of work space now!

I have a number of projects on the back burner. One of which was always intended to be on the back burner, a 1960 Triumph T100A. This is one of the first Unit Twins Triumph produced. The engine is set up very similar to the Tiger Cub T20, complete with a Lucas Distributor (one of the few years this was ever used on a 500.) This will take some time finding the right parts. Ideally a basket case 500 unit engine will find it's way to my garage... If anyone has one get in touch. Plus I need a donor primary side crank case to fix some damage to the one pictured below. Gotta keep those numbers matching you know?

Some pictures of the progress:

Sweet Ape Hangers. Check out the hose clamps that keep em on!
Don't worry, I'm saving those bars for something else...

Chrome Oil tank looks like it goes to a bigger bike.
Chrome was not stock and will be replaced.

Yikes, major gap above chain case, this can be fixed,
but I'll need a donor case to chop. Got a broken spare?
Get in touch, any 500 unit case should do.

Chrome swing arm, brake stay and brake plate... hmm.

Plastic "chrome" wrap on speedo cable.
The cable is in great shape amazingly.

This wheel should clean up nicely - it did see below.

Stanchions are rusty but were originally covered by the nacelle. Forks are stock.

I need parts! This timing cover didn't have the points plate...
 thats in the distributor.

Somewhere in those leaves are the correct cams

Chrome is badly peeled on swing arm, no worry, should be black anyway.

Buggered threads made the removal of this nut tough,
but I got it off. It's nice having a sturdy bench that doesn't shake
when using the vice for jobs like this!
Inside of brake looks nice and clean, no rust.

Dirty parts laid out for evaluation.

This serial confirms its a 1960. This would be a "bathtub" model.
Google it.
Cleaned up NICE! Original paint on rim looks pretty good.

Forks disassembled, cleaned and ready for rebuild. Need seals.

Crankcases after the auto parts washer. No other damage. 

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