Saturday, March 12, 2011

Loose chain wheel due to damaged mainshaft

After discovering there was a lot of play on the primary chain wheel on the clutch, I pulled all the guts from the primary case and discovered a badly work mainshaft. I called up a friend, who I recently met, that has a massive inventory of triumph parts. I asked him if he had the 5 speed mainshaft, which he did, so I drove over (20 minutes!) and picked it up along with new nuts and washers. Brilliant. Didn't have to go to ebay or wait for mail order, plus my friend charged a very fair price. An hour later I was rebuilding the trans - which only took three attempts.... the key is to gob lots of grease on the shift-dogs to hold them in place until you can get all the gears in place and the spindle through the three dogs and lock it up. Next up is inner and out gearbox reassembly and gear indexing. Thenreplace primary chain and alternator. If I don't find any other major problems I should be getting VERY close to having thi on the road. I really can't wait to ride this bike - OIF Triumphs aren't my favorite, but with a few aesthetic mods this bike is beautiful and hopefully should be reliable... well as reliable as a brit bike can be.
Lots of wear on taper.
New Main shaft in place.
Transmission rebuilt. All gears look good!

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