Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Bleeding Beeza

After putting a few miles on the BSA, oil was leaking everywhere, causing massive amounts of smoke as oil burned on the hot engine, hence I dubbed her the "Bleeding Beeza". Above is a picture just seconds after putting the center stand down.
The seal on the clutch access plug seems to be bad as a trickle of oil can be seen dripping down the side.
Main oil leak seems to be the acorn nut above the intake manifold. I think i'll put some silicon sealant on it and tighten her down. The oil feed line may also be dripping so I'll tighten that as well.
This ones a no brainer. There isn't a gasket behind the plate. I have a brand new one and I'll be putting it on today.
Now here is a major problem. The gear shift lever can't get a good bight on the spindle. The spindle is totally stripped. I've tried every trick in the book. Shims, wrapping copper and stainless wire around shaft in order to beef it up a bit. Epoxy putty and even JB weld. Nothing worked. The part is about $100 and is a pretty invasive procedure to replace since the spindle is attached to the gear shift mechanism which is deep inside the engine case. I'm going to drill through the lever and post in hopes that a bolt will hold it in place without weakening the lever (or shaft) to the point of breaking while shifting. Updates soon....
Cracked exhaust header causing a lot of smoke. I have a new set scheduled to arrive today. These are pretty banged up so replacement was really the only option.
Lucas, the "Prince of Darkness" strikes again. I just got the headlight hooked up and working. Less than a day later, the brand new bulb took a dive. I ordered two more. Maybe theres some resistor missing that caused it to burn out? Maybe I received a defective bulb? Maybe it's just the curse of Lucas and I need to modernize my headlight....

Not looking too bad. Complete and rideable. I will be repainting the side panels to match my new 4 gallon tank, though color scheme has yet to be determined. I have a cool idea for a paint scheme on the tank which references the original, smaller tanks treatment, but with updated colors and a slightly different approach. More on that coming soon.

Theres three days of rain coming up, so I hope to get this out on the road one more time. The rainy weather will give me a chance to address some of the bigger issues.

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