Monday, March 29, 2010

Pulling Dents from my 4 gal. tank

Last Saturday I decided that, while Bondo works ok, pulling dents from tanks is probably better - so I went out and purchased a stud welder from a local auto-body supply.
$200 later, I was the proud owner of a 110V stud welder. This little baby welds studs right onto the tank, and with the help of a slide hammer, pulls the dents right out. Once they're pulled, you simply grind off the suds and smooth out the metal. Sounds simple right?

My first victim, I nice sized dent across the top of the tank.

Simply insert stud into gun, press down and pull the trigger.

One second is all it took.

Slide hammer ready for action, I wonder how much force it will take to pull the dent? I'll go with a TON OF FORCE and see how that works....

One hard yank and the stud pulled the metal right out of the tank leaving a tiny hole. Oops. I guess less force is probably still more than enough.

A few experiments later and I started to get the hang of it. Several studs in a row in the dent. Start from the center and work my way out...

This crease used to be pretty deep.

Maybe I'll leave the studs on and make a Mad Max style chopper....

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