Saturday, March 6, 2010

Torque nuts and bolts in propper order

After annealing the head gasket, I replaced the cylinder head and loosely screwed down all nuts and bolts in the order specified by the shop manual (see above picture.) It's crucial too crank them down a little at a time or it can seat incorrectly. In a zig zag fashion started with the center bolt and gradually adjusted them to 31-33 lbs each. Failing to do them in order or proper torques can lead to uneven pressure on head gasket. This of course can lead to leakage and/or a blowout.

Once the torques were set, I replaced the push rods. Starting with the two shorter rods which connect the outer tappets to the intake rockers (see picture below). The longer rods were placed on the center two tappets and connected to the exhaust rockers. At this point I was called in for dinner. We had dinner guests coming and I needed to shower up. Tomorrow I'll adjust the valve clearance and put a new gasket on the rocker cover and hopefully fire her up!

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