Monday, August 30, 2010

BSA is getting the attention she deserves

As of right now I'm waiting on a new inner timing cover seal after replacing the gear shift selector. I drained all the oil while I was at it and cleaned out the selvedge trap.

Since I can't do much until the gasket comes, I decided to pull the font forks since they were leaking gunk from the fork boots when compressed. I opened up the fork oil drain plugs and found that one was empty while the other contained just a small amount of sludgy oil and water. Rebuilding forks is not my favorite task, but I well sorted front end is key for performance. Believe me, the bike rattled and bottomed out so badly before I was scared to go over 50 mph. I am hoping to have the bike back on the road before the season is over. Cosmetics will come later on. Mechanics first!

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