Sunday, August 1, 2010

rode to the beach and back (lived to tell the tale)

My wife and I went to the beach this weekend for a night and I decided that riding the new Bonnie was probably going to have to be mandatory. I was right. I rode across the Delaware River via the Commodore Barry Bridge and continued through farm lands and Pine Barrens for an hour and a half till I reached the coast line. The engine had zero miles, so technically I'm still breaking it in, but I couldn't resist taking a racing stance (hugging my tank) and seeing what'd she's do. I didn't break the magical ton but I was shy just a few mph before I ran out of traffic free straight away. The rest of the ride was pretty laid back.

Nothing like a 7am bimble through the back bays of South Jersey.
View from the drawbridge heading to Strathmere PA. I ran into some old family friends in Avalon and ended up surfing for a while. This could be considered a perfect morning.

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