Thursday, August 12, 2010

Project 72 Bonnie update

After making the horrifying discovery that the entire inner frame (where the oil is contained) was loaded with sand blasting grit and old oil, I put the 72 Bonnie on hold and went out and bought the 2010 Bonnie. Since then, I've been putting many miles on my moto and not worrying about wrenching on the wretched wrecks.... well that may be a bit harsh, but broken bikes aren't fun when you work long and hard on them and they stay broken, you know?

So with the 72 partially in pieces, it has remained in my old garage, the oil chamber soaking in a powerful degreaser. I moved more than half of what was in my old garage to my new shop, but it still seems like theres no room to work. How'd I ever fit everything in here?

(l-r 61 Triumph t-20 Cub, 74 Vespa 150v Sprint, 72 Triumph t120 Bonneville, Prewar Western Flyer bicycle.)

Below is a little tool I rigged up using a long plastic bristle brush with the handle clipped to fit a drill. I periodically have been using this to scrub in the inside of the frame to clean the oil and sand. I had the front wheel off the bike with the frame leaning forward to allow the degreaser in the upper oil chamber.

Today I dropped the oil filter and drained the degreaser out of the frame. All that black you see is oil stained blasting grit. There was quite a bit of it.

Above you can see where I wiped my finger. thats all sand.

Safe to say I will be needing a new filter. Even when I am satisfied with the cleaning of the frame, I need the best filter available to keep any rogue grits of sand from working there way into the engine.

I have a way to go on this bike, but things are moving again. I'm putting the front wheel on the bike so I can roll it over to the new shop and get it on the lift. Next step will be taking apart the top end to see why one of the push rods is stuck. Seriously.

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