Friday, September 11, 2009

Clean wheels and respoking

The wheels on the bike were in pretty rough shape - especially the front. I tried using steel wool on the spokes but it was a lost cause. I purchased from Ebay a used, but decent set of spokes that came off another cb125. These I was able to clean up quite nicely. I removed all the rusty spokes and cleaned the rim and hub. Respoking is challenging - you have to get the order correct or it will screw the whole wheel up big time. I made the mistake of going into this blindly. Instead of dropping each row all in at once, I tried doing one at a time. Problem is things get a bit tangled as the second third and forth layers go in. If only I had seen this guys video blog before I started. At least when it comes time for truing the wheel, I'll know what to expect.

I finally got the front wheel finished and it's ready for truing. The back wheel was much better. I did, however, spend several hours cleaning every spoke with steel wool, It probably would have been easier to simply take the whole thing apart for cleaning as it has to be trued as well anyway. The wheels look great, I feel great, time for a well deserved nap with Penelope.


  1. I like this blog! It is helping me (for better or worse) re-live my experience buying a 1967 honda CL90 off ebay that was sold as being in "good running order" but in fact showed up in precisely the condition you found yours in (engine rusted stuck, etc.)!!! I got it running and looking like a champ-- you will too, and im enjoying following along!!!

  2. thanks paul. i almost bought a cl90 as my first project instead of this, but i was outbid. i may pick one of those up down the road. thanks for reading!