Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Updates

Work has been EXTREMELY busy the last few weeks so progress on the CB125 has been slow. I did manage to wrestle an old workbench out of storage and set it up in my garage. Finally a place to work - but that lawn mower's GOTTA GO!
Slowly but surely the parts I ordered for the engine have been arriving. The carb that came with the bike was completely shot. I ordered a brand new carb from an after market supplier in Thailand.
I got a set of clubman bars, though I'm not sure if they're going to be too wide or not. I'll have to wait to see how it looks with whatever tank I decide to use.
Engine gaskets are key! I managed to get all the old gaskets off with the help of a wire wheel attachment on my drill. These will have to wait until the engine has been completely cleaned etc...
The cylinder seems to be in really good shape, so I opted to not bore it out. This piston will fit the factory size cylinder. Once it's together I will check the compression. If it ends up being low, I'll order a bigger piston and have it bored. I hope that isn't the case.


I started polishing the engine pieces with steel wool and Mothers.
I was able to get in between the fins on the shallower areas, however getting into the deep grooves seems impossible to do by hand. I finally broke down and ordered a bead blaster.
The Engine case has cleaned up nicely. You can see the polished versus unpolished in these pictures. What a difference!
Until I get my bead blasting supplies, the engine will have to remain on hold. Nest up will be re-spoking the front tire, truing both front and rear rims, finding the right tires and re building the front forks. Lots of exciting stuff coming soon!

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