Monday, September 28, 2009

Taking a break from the CB125 to rebuild CB360 carbs

I decided to take a little break from the cb125 this weekend and focus on my 1976 CB360t. This bike is running, but the throttle has always been a little off. Doesn't run well at low throttle and occasionally loses power when starting (like the choke is on when it isn't).

I feel sort of weird about taking apart a running motorcycle when I have so many projects going on, but I just have to feel that sense of completion with one of these bikes - and this carb overhaul was badly needed.

I bought a set of carburetor rebuild kits off of Ebay. They showed up on Friday and I just couldn't wait to get started. Off with the tank and air filters...

Not only are these carbs a little sticky, but they're filthy on the outside and just begging for a cleaning.

Ah, how satisfying the bead blaster is.

This grime was scraped out of the bottom of the carb under the floats.

The Carburetors on the CB360 are much more complicated than the one on my cb125

Lots of carb cleaner. Had to make a pep boys run to grab another two bottles.

looking better. At this point I changed out the jetting and air intakes that came with the rebuild kits. All the new jets are the same size that came with the bike originally since I'm not planning on modifying the air filters at this point. I just want to keep this simple (and running).

Once everything was rebuilt I had a little trouble putting the two carbs back together. After some fiddling I finally got everything to line up properly.

Carbs look great but I wasn't sure if they'd work right off the bat. I'd never done an overhaul like this and I wasn't sure how sensitive they'd be.

Carbs back in the bike and after a couple of kicks to get some gas through the system, the bike fired up!

I took the bike for a quick test ride and so far so good. It runs better at low throttle than it did before and it idles better. I may have to me a few adjustments here and there, but for now I think I can check this job off my list.

Now back to work on the CB125...

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  1. Not to sound like a complete sissy or anything, but I really dig the color of this bike.