Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fishing for piston-pin clip

About the time I pulled the top end off the engine and destroyed the piston with the blunt end of a drill bit, I decided I would pull the clips off either side of the piston pin so I could toss the damaged piece. While I was very careful when removing the clips, I managed to drop one down into the engine case. Oops. Since that little mishap I have tried and failed to retrieve that clip. I've tried a Shopvac, flipping the engine upside down and shaking it (not sure if that's a good idea or not) and fishing around with a long piece of safety wire all to no avail.

The other day I was rooting around the garage and I came across a funny looking device, still in plastic, labeled tool retriever. Essentially it's a long spring with a magnet attached to the end. Hmm, this might be just what I needed.

I stuck the magnetic side down into the opening for the cam chain. It didn't go very far due to the gear being in the way. As I pulled the "tool retriever" out, I thought 'wouldn't it be awesome if the clip was stuck to the magnet first try?'

Well low and behold it was! 2 months of that loose clip on the back of my mind are now laid to rest.

This took place Sunday morning. Finished up in the garage and suited Katherine (My one Chihuahua) in her Eagles gear. Usually that brings good luck to the Birds, but this time it didn't help. 48-22 New Orleans...

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  1. A workshop without the magnet on a spring picker upper thing just isn't a workshop